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South America

A. Western Coastal Region:
B. Western Mountain Region:
C. Intermediate Plains:
D. Eastern Highlands:

A. Chilie and Peru
Atakama Desert

B. Andy Mountains: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecquador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina (Mt. Acangua 6595 m)

C. Intermediate Plain: formed by sediments of rivers Amazon, Orinyoco, Parans

D. Eastern Highlands: formed by plateau of Guana and Brazil

Rivers of SA:
* Amazon - 6400 km - Brazil, Colombia, Peru
* Rio Parana
* Maderia
* Rio purus
* Rio San Francisco
* Rio Tocantis
* Rio Araguaia
* Rio Paraguay
* Rio Pilcomayo
* Rio Jurua

Bolivia, Paraguay : landlocked countries

South America is home to the world's highest uninterrupted waterfallAngel Falls in Venezuela; the highest single drop waterfall, Kaieteur Falls in Guyana; the largest river by volume, the Amazon River; the longest mountain range, the Andes (whose highest mountain is Aconcagua at 6,962 m or 22,841 ft); the driest non-polar place on earth, the Atacama Desert; the largest rainforest, the Amazon Rainforest; the highest capital city, La Paz, Bolivia; the highest commercially navigable lake in the world,Lake Titicaca; and, excluding research stations in Antarctica, the world's southernmost permanently inhabited community, Puerto Toro, Chile. (As copied from Wikipedia)

Lakes Of SA:
* Maracaibo: salty water (connected to sea), SA's largest lake, Venezuela's main lake,
* Titicaca: freshwater lake, border of Peru and Bolivia, highest bloating lake

Plateaus of SA:
* Ghana
* Brazil
* Monro Grasp
* Bolivia

Deserts of SA
Autacama: South of Peru and North of Chile
Petagonia: In Argentina and Chile

Grasslands of SA
* Lanos (Venezuela n Colombia)
* Coatings
* Serados
* Campos
* Gran Chaco

* Pampas (Argentina)

More: South America (wikipedia)


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