Paper II, Sec B 2.1 defines Constitutionalism as
to describe the belief that a government's authority is dictated by a specific law or group of laws — a constitution. 
Merriam Webster  defines it as
adherence to or government according to constitutional principlesalso : a constitutional system of government


  • principle that the government is limited by fundamental law; limitation of the government by the constitution under higher law
  • check and balance of the system, 
  • make the government responsible

Elements of Constitutionalism as listed in Maru Bazezew (2009):

  •  Popular sovereignty
  •  Separation of Powers
  •  Responsible and accountable government 
  •  Rule of law
  •  An independent judiciary
  •  Respect for individual rights
  •  Respect to self-determination 
  •  Civilian control of the military 
  •  Police governed by law and judicial control

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