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Any land being used for agricultural purposes, growing crops to grazing land, is defined as the crop land. But the definition of crop land depends on the context as the crop land can be permanent with the horticultural crops with plantation crops (coffee, tea, rubber or any plantations crop not particularly for wood and timber) or temporary with annual crops being sown. The complexity further arises in many cases if the land is fallow in some years, and later used again in any agricultural activities or if the fallow are periodic in the cropping activities. Crop land is usually considered for the period of the five years, or there should have been any agricultural activities within those five years to be considered the land as the crop land.

Other challenges are in the demarcation is the size of the land, and the proper boundary which delineates the land as the crop land. In a hill based agriculture system, the size is often difficult to measure, the arrangement of topography makes it a challenging thing sometimes to consider whether it is an agricultural land or not. The boundaries are not always not precise in the real world. The forest and agricultural land, for instance, are always not separable. The fallow land, previously crop land can change sometimes to the bushy area when left as it is, in rare occasions be used as the marginal grazing land for the cattle. In such conditions, the proper definition of the crop land does not really apply. The use is in the minor extent here, taking advantage at minimal extent whenever possible but not fully, but they do not stand really as the crop land.

Decrease in the crop land in the range of period of time is another factor with the crop land, as the crop land has further been turned into some other uses. Land exploitation for agricultural purposes might have been the other cases, but decrease in the crop land are studiable issues for developing countries.  

Whatever the issues are with the crop land or the definitions, the food security depends on the crop land. The world depends on them.


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