Rice Info.

* Rice: Oryza sativa,

* chromosome no: 24

* cultivated sp.: sativa and glaberima

* protein (oryzein) content: 6 - 7%, Rice protein is high in cysteine and methionine, low in lysine.

* indica : india, japonica in japan, javanica in indonesia

* rice inflorescence is : panicle

* opt. Tempr. : 30-32०C

* soil pH: 4-6

* sowing of paddy: April-May Harvesting: August-september, then it is Aus/Autumn/Pre-Kharif Paddy

* Gas emitted from rice field: Methane

* weed caused relatively more loss in rice productivity when it is direct seeded

* most dominated weed: Echinochloa spp

* common herbicide: Anilophos and Butachlor

* Polish Percentage of rice is: 2%

* Khaira disease: Zn deficiency

* Akiochi disease: H2S toxicity

* White eye of rice: Fe deficiency

* Dead Heart and White Ear of rice is caused by Yellow Stem Borer

* killer disease; bacteria leaf blight, tungro virus

* Hydrothermal process of rice which saves vitamin B12: Parboiling

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