Tuta absoluta

Tuta absoluta: Short Info.

Tuta absoluta Meyrick (Tomato leafminer) is the serious pests belonging to moth family (Lepideoptera: Gelechiidae) from South America. It has been reported from different countries including Nepal in 2016, which makes it a difficult pest to control. It feeds on aerial part of tomato plant  including other solanaceous plants (potato, pepper, tobacco) decreasing the yield and quality of the vegetables.


Development Stages:

  • Egg: adults lay eggs on the underside of the leaves, eggs are creamy in colour,

  • Larvae: penetrates leaves, fruits, stems and feeds them

  • Pupa: 5-6 mm, cylindrical, greenish

  • Adult: 6-7 mm in length, filiform antennae, scales (grey)

File:Tomatoes damaged by Tuta absoluta.jpg


With specific light frequency and the suitably combined pheromone has been proved to be effective in its control. Cultural control such as destruction of infested plants, crop rotation, removal of alternate hosts such as nightshades can be effective. The use of the insecticides has been found to be moderately effective due to highly biotic potential of the pests. Other control measures include the use of predators, entomopathogenic nematodes and Bt- based insecticide.


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