Nutrient Deficiency in Maize leaves


  • Plant becomes short - cobs become small, cob fills are less.

  • The tip of the maize plant becomes yellow, and the yellowish colour moves from mid part of leaf to the base of the leaf (observed in the older leaves)

  • V shaped yellowing is observed


  • Tips and border of leaves becomes noticeably brinjal-coloured or purple coloured, usually seen in early development of leaves (observed in the older leaves)

  • The growth of maize plant is disturbed, height of the plant is small - cob becomes small or under developed, growth of roots are not well


  • Tips in the base of the plant, and borders of the plant becomes yellowish in colour. The main vein of the leaf still remains green.

  • The plants becomes weak, short and the development of cob is disturbed, cobs are incompletely filled.


  • Deficiency symptoms are seen in early stages - whitish/yellowish lines are observed. The new leaves are white in appearance.


  • The new leaves may start becoming yellow (straited pattern of yellow-green-yellow) is seen, later the whole plants become yellow (observed in younger leaves)


  • interveinal chlorosis in older leaves, main vein still remains green, yellow to white stripes are observed (in older leaves, first)


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