Understanding Constitution Of Nepal & Roles of Different Levels of Government in Agriculture

Understanding Constitution Of Nepal & Roles of Different Levels of Government in Agriculture

...कृषि विभागको पुनर्सँरचना भइ महानिर्देशक र चार उपमहानिर्देशकको अलावा एघार शाखाहरु कायम गरिएको छ ।त्यसै गरि विभाग मातहत  छ वटा केन्द्रिय निकायहरु र अन्तर्गतका १४ वटा फार्म, केन्द्रहरु रहेका छन् । यस पुनर्सँरचना संगै विभागको विगतको भूमिकामा समेत परिवर्तन आएको छ ।


Part-3 Fundamental Rights and Duties(A 16 to A 48)

Article 36: Rights for Food
Article 25: Right Relating to Property
Article 42: Right to Social Justice

Schedule 5: Federal 
  • International trade, exchange, port, quarantine
  • Policies relating to conservation and multiple uses of water resources
  • Land use policies, human settlement development policies, tourism policies, environment adaptation

Schedule 6: Province
  • House and land registration fee, motor vehicle tax, entertainment tax, advertisement tax, tourism, agro-income tax, service charge, fee, penalty
  • State statistics
  • State universities, higher education, libraries, museums
  • Management of lands, land records
  • Use of forests and waters and management of environment within the State
  • Agriculture and livestock development, factories, industrialization, trade, business, transportation
Schedule 7  Concurrent Powers of Federation and State
  • Contracts, cooperatives, partnership and agency related matters
  • Drugs and pesticides
  • Scientific  research,  science  and  technology  and  human  resources development

Schedule 8: 

Local Level Power

  • Local   market   management,environment   protection   and   bio-diversity
  • Local roads, rural roads, agro-roads, irrigation
  • Agriculture  and  animal  husbandry,  agro-products  management, animal health, cooperatives animal health, cooperatives

Schedule 9 

Concurrent Power of Federation, State and Local level

  • Agriculture
  • Forests, wildlife, birds, water uses, environment, ecology and bio-diversity


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