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Learn R programming (Quick Guide - Blog Links)

Here are quick resources for Learning R programming (only BLOGs). Articles are from R-bloggers (or any other helpful sites) which collects articles from different sources, and are helpful in direct jump to the specific topic to be learned in R. The list will be updated from R-bloggers (or from other sources) as soon as I found the interesting topics, or topics which needs to be learned and mastered. All the links are as personal bookmarks.

Blog Articles:

       Top 10 dplyr Functions
       ~ Hands on R and dplyr

  1. Descriptive statistics in R:
  2. Test for normality in R:
  3. Correlation coefficient and correlation test in R:
  4. Graphics in R with ggplot2:
  5. How to Add a Regression Line to a ggplot?
  7. k-means and hierarchical clustering:
  8. Chi-square test of independence in R:
  9. RStudio addins:


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