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Terms: Change Detection

Change detections are 

-based on spectral classification of the input data such as post-classification comparison and direct two-date classification and 

-based on radiometric change between different acquisition dates,

----image algebra methods such as band differencing, ratioing and vegetation indices; 

----regression analysis

----principal component analysis and 

----change-vector analysis

Lu et al, (2004) generalized the change detection methods into seven types, namely, arithmetic operation, transformation, classification comparison, advanced models, GIS integration, visual analysis and some other methods.

~Pixel Level Change Detection Techniques:

Image Differencing

Image Ratio

Image Regression

Post level Comparison

Multidata direct comparison

Artificial Neural Network

Support Vector Machine

Decision Type

GIS based

Multi temporal spectral mixture analysis

Fuzzy change detection

Multi sensor data fusion

~Feature Level Change Detection

Vegetation Index differencing


Kauth Thomas Transformation KT

Change Vector Analysis

Gramm-Schimdt GS


Texture Analysis

~Object Based Change Detection

Image object change detection

Class object change detection

Multi temporal object change detection

Hybrid change

Terms Collected from 

Remote Sensing & GIS based Approaches for LULC Change Detection – A Review

Remote-Sensing-GIS-based-Approaches-for-LULC-Change-Detection-A-Review.pdf (


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