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About Me

My name is Keshab T. Magar (Preferred: KSab T. Magar).

I consider myself as a learner.

I wish to be good learner, observer, researcher, and orator. :-)



Major Interests:

  • Agronomy, 
  • Remote Sensing and GIS,
  • Precision Agriculture,
  • Agri. Policies, Agri. Extension,

Academic Activities: Articles

Research Interests (Learning and exploring)

Interested Topics :

  • Crop Modeling,
  • Agri. Experimental Designs,
  • Crop Mapping & yield estimation through Remote Sensing,
  • SAR and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in agricultural applications
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning with Satellite Imageries

*Tools - Learning Interests:

  • Sentinel Toolboxes (SNAP), QGIS,
  • Google Earth Engine (GEE: JS & Python API), 
  • Planetary Computer,
  • R, Python



    YouTube ktmagar's YT: Content making of different academic topics similar to what ktmagar's blog attempts to do. The channel passed 100 subscribers in December 2021. The channel has its own facebook page to share remote sensing, GIS and precision agriculture related topics, articles, resource, news and information.

    Language Blog writing IELTS essay and other contents there. This is my language practice blog.

    Krishi Guru Mobile Application Volunteer Agri. Content Creator: Writing topics related to agriculture in Nepali as the digital extension in the social media platform; answering / replying / suggesting to any farmer related queries if possible.

    Wikimedia Community Volunteer (User:Learnerktm): I edit Nepali wikipedia and improve the content there. I like to improve the content qualities. I like to improve the grammar, wordings and check if the article can be improved at its best. Sadly, the Nepali Wikipedia is not at its best, but wish is to participate in its improvements. My minor contributions are in English Wikipedia.

    Social Media (presence):




    ~Learning the Guitar,
    ~Learning new languages
    My other youtube channel is made for this purpose. I read nepali poetry, songs, and share my love for language.

    Motto: Learn and live everyday. Treasure everyday. Rejoice!


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