My interests mainly remain in the three main areas: 

- understanding the yield attributes of the crops, and their effects on the yield [ the agronomic ways of growing them - how they are impacted by abiotic or biotic factors ]

- remote sensing of the crops, agricultural land and their impacts to environment [ the ways to analyze the satellite images / raster data to retrieve crop information ]

- agricultural extension, digital agriculture, agricultural policies  [ how agricultural knowledge are being shared - how policies impacts in all the above aspects ]

The above interests have guided me majorly to explore on these major subjects:

- Agronomy (crop genetics, crops reproductive bio.)

- Remote Sensing and GIS (agri. remote sensing, precision agriculture, )

- Agri. Extension, (digital extension, agri. policies) 

The above interests and the subjects have helped me in developing the research interests in the following areas. 

- Remote sensing of environment and agriculture

    - Crop Mapping & yield estimation through Remote Sensing, 

    - SAR and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in agricultural applications

    - Machine Learning / Deep Learning with Satellite Imageries

- Digital Extension

The research interests have clearly led me to explore more platforms and tools which I should keep on learning/exploring and improving. 

- Sentinel Toolboxes (SNAP), 

- QGIS,  

- Google Earth Engine (GEE: JS & Python API), 

- Planetary Computer,

- R, Python

I am sure the interests can change or develop or reduce over the time or more enhanced in the specific area. More, the learning will always be continuous.