My name is Keshab Thapa Magar. I preferably use it as KSab T. Magar. I am from Nepal and mostly grew up in Kathmandu. I have lived some significant portion of every year in Gorkha, where my village is and where my family originally comes from. Probably, my observations from rural life or due to some affinities towards plants or my strong study choices to complete higher studies, led me to choose agricultural science in my bachelor's studies. 

in 2017

As an agricultural student, I have understand the fact that the whole objective of agricultural science is eventually to increase the yield of any agricultural plant. We as humans totally depend on plants for food. I consider for the betterment of agriculture there should be three main approaches. 

Firstly, the traits of the individual crop plants should be assessed and improved on a continuous basis. This would also mean the development of crops, the ways of growing them, the inputs that are being used and the methods of not just growing them but to grow them better.

Secondly, the crop plants should be observed from the larger spatial dimension. In a way, it would be necessary to understand the growing area of the crops. This on a yearly basis will inform us about how the area is changing. And, measurement of the total yield is not an easy task. Observing the status of the crop is also directly not possible in larger areas. For this, the remote sensing technologies are useful methods. In similar regards, these methods would be helpful in assessing the sustainability of our agriculture along with monitoring soil, vegetation and environment.

Thirdly, there should be the involvement of the people, as this is all about how we as humans cooperate. For this, we require a close association between the people who grow, and the people who are searching for new ways to grow. Technologies need to be shared and learning will only grow when shared.

These things have driven my further pursuit of knowledge. And I wish to learn more about those aspects. I share my short sketch of thought process in the following figure.

Figure: How the components can be related