Remote Sensing and GIS

Following is the short bookmarked list for the written attempts during learning process.  The main attempt is not to prepare any sorts of helpful resources for anyone, or to create an handful of materials for anyone to study/follow. This follows only for me as a revise and as a learning habit. However, if found helpful, any suggestions and comments are welcomed. 

Any grammatical errors or issues within the written content will be frequently edited. 

The writings here include as: 

*Notes / Terms* as the summary of learning of the given topic, being focused more on the vocabulary, concepts and as the preparation of the learning materials - the concepts or the resources might have been copied or may be sometimes incomplete. This is for me, after all. 

*Briefs* *Shorts* as the summary of the research article(s) - the research article(s) are summarized with best of my knowledge whose writings deal with my practice.

*Essays* *Writings* as the writings (short/longs) of the given topic - these are the genuine writing attempts  prepare the manuscript on that topic being solely based on the previously grasped materials (again as the writing practice with at least 250 words or more)

*Demo / YT* YouTube video link to demonstrate the work done on related areas as prepared by me.

Remote Sensing

Agri. RS: My main interests are in the applications of remote sensing in agriculture 

    Essay: SAR in flood mapping




GIS / Spatial Analysis / SDI

Geospatial Programming


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