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Nutrient Deficiency in Maize leaves

Nitrogen : Plant becomes short - cobs become small, cob fills are less. The tip of the maize plant becomes yellow, and the yellowish colour moves from mid part of leaf to the base of the leaf (observed in the older leaves) V shaped yellowing is observed Phosphorus : Tips and border of leaves becomes noticeably brinjal-coloured or purple coloured, usually seen in early development of leaves (observed in the older leaves) The growth of maize plant is disturbed, height of the plant is small - cob becomes small or under developed, growth of roots are not well Potassium : Tips in the base of the plant, and borders of the plant becomes yellowish in colour. The main vein of the leaf still remains green. The plants becomes weak, short and the development of cob is disturbed, cobs are incompletely filled. Zinc: Deficiency symptoms are seen in early stages - whitish/yellowish lines are observed. The new leaves are white in appearance. Sulphur: The new leaves may start becoming

Pests of Rice

The following content has been written to list the pest species of rice . It includes the brief overview of the pests as well. The control method has not been listed.


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