My name is KSab T. Magar.   

My main interests are in crop yield components. Understanding crop yield components, are the important aspects in agronomy, for the yield optimization, and for selection in crop genetics. Additionally, I am interested in diverse applications of land remote sensing and GIS, especially in agriculture / environment settings, with major interests in studying crop components and variables from the satellite or other remote sensing sensors. My minor interests are in digital extension.

I have been very keen to learn applications of machine learning, deep learning and any algorithms suggestively applicable in my interests, and I minutely study them as much as I can. This has aspired me to learn/explore R/Python wherever, whatever necessary.

I strongly believe in 'continuous-learning' and 'repetition: either passive or active', and I always encourage myself in the process. 

I am looking for any possible graduate opportunities related to my interests.

Please find any relevant information about me. The information in the site will be in continuous improvements and updates. I welcome any comments regarding this. : )