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Notes: SAR - distortions

continued from:  SAR Basics  Distortions: Foreshortening, Layover, Shadow Foreshortening:  mountain appear as if leaning towards the sensor  sensor facing slope foreshortened in image decreases with increasing look angle Layover:  top of the mountain imaged before the base mountain top overlain on ground ahead of the mountain decrease with increased look angle Shadow:  area behind the mountain increases when the angle is large Speckle Effect: grainy appearance: salt and pepper - due to the result of interference from the many scattering echoes ___ Geocoding and RTC processing: Read in data Apply precise orbit files Radiometric Calibration Multilooking (optional) Speckle filter (optional) Radiometric terrain flattening Geocoding / geometric terrain correction Linear to decibel conversion (optional) write data in desired format The above contents has been the attempt to prepare the excerpt from the book " The SAR Handbook" Ch-2 while trying to learn. The chapter has the very mi

Good Academic Writing

Good Academic Writing Academic Writing is the way to communicate in science. The communication surely needs to be lucid and concise. This communication should be unique, such that it should not be exact from anywhere else. The researcher has to deliver his conducted research with the world; for this, a good academic writing is essential. The good academic writing helps in valuing the research and builds the reputation of the researcher. This short essay will light some ideas on what good academic writing is. It will discuss on cohesion, coherence, clarity, reader-friendliness, plagiarism in academic writing, which is necessary to be better communicator in the scientific world. Good academic writings are logical and consistent; the pieces of each sentence blooms with information, information arranged in a suitable order, the ordered ideas unite and lead to the main point. The main point or the central idea is what the author wants to share. The structure of the writing is always followe

The Underrated Nepalese crop: Kodo

K odo , Eleusine coracana , still remains as the unlinked crop from our daily diet in major households.  The blame, I personally point towards the bhat culture, a socially developed enigma through the duly developed the hindu-type-thoughts as rice as the only diet we should be having in our daily life. It nurtured the growth and love, knowingly or unknowingly, towards the rice in the years. This is rarely looked at or thought upon by the social researchers of Nepal.  Rice was never the main diet of Nepal, as we listen to the people in the villages. It was in the Dashain where such a huge importance was given to the rice itself. It was for the tika , the red paste nepalese put on the forehead, and for the special relatives. Our actual culture was not the rice; the case certainly not true for the hills. It was always the kodo ko dhido . This for sure is not the hate for rice that got its popularity but the truth is I believe the bhat culture, the belief the people who eat rice to be t


बाख्रा पाले पो देश बन्छ! बाइक पालेका छौँ, अनि कसरी हुन्थ्यो? गाई पाले पो देश बन्छ! नेता पालेका छौँ, अनि कसरी हुन्थ्यो? कुखुराहरु पाले पो देश भन्छ!! कुकुरहरु पालेका छौँ, अनि कसरी हुन्थ्यो? शहर मात्र फुक्दो छ, गाउँ रित्तिदों छ, अनि कसरी हुन्थ्यो?


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