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Crop Land

The posted content was the part of the rough writing. The objective of this blog has always been to improve my writing skills, along with improving my online presence. I hope to continue writing everyday. ~Really wondering why I did not post anything lately. ---- Any land being used for agricultural purposes, growing crops to grazing land, is defined as the crop land. But the definition of crop land depends on the context as the crop land can be permanent with the horticultural crops with plantation crops (coffee, tea, rubber or any plantations crop not particularly for wood and timber) or temporary with annual crops being sown. The complexity further arises in many cases if the land is fallow in some years, and later used again in any agricultural activities or if the fallow are periodic in the cropping activities. Crop land is usually considered for the period of the five years, or there should have been any agricultural activities within those five years to be considered the land as


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