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Why I do not believe in King Prithivi Narayan’s Unification Scheme?

(This is a sensitive topic and should be only considered as the blogger's opinions or writings. It should not be used as the judging criteria of the blogger.) D ebates, opinions, beliefs, proofs, dates, discussion, social media — the current talks in Nepal has been whether this king Prithivi Naryan Shah’s glorified king deeds were even real. The first group desperately tries to defend the king. They consider him as the real hero or the founder of the nation. They link it with the glorified history of the nation, further questioning if the country Nepal even would have existed if this king would not have performed these victorious undertakings. But there are other groups, the reformers one or the wakens one, who gaze it in from the other direction. How can the king who was actually just trying to do this for his own personal gains, a constructor of the nation? I personally belong to the second group. I appreciate the existence of the king. I understand his role in the history of the


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